Albany Cleaning Offers a Range of Services, Find Out How We Can Help You

about albany cleaning solutions cardiffAre you looking for a professional cleaning company for your commercial spaces? Look no further. At Albany Cleaning Services, we offer professional, reliable and affordable cleaning services for commercial premises of all kinds.

We have made a name for ourselves through 13 years of dedicated service, hard work and a thoroughly professional approach to become a leading commercial cleaning company in Newport. No matter the size or scope of the project, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Whatever your cleaning requirements are, you can be sure that we have it covered. All our staff are highly trained and know the value of a job well done.



Here are some of the ways our commercial cleaning company in Newport can help you.

Office Cleaning Service

Our commercial cleaning crew in Newport understands the importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment both for you and your employees. We go through every nook and corner of your office, including the washrooms to ensure the entire area is spotlessly clean. We also work before or after office hours to offer a disruption-free service.

Surgery Cleaning

Maintaining a 100% germ-free environment is a top priority for those in the hospital industry. We know the challenges involved in maintaining a spotlessly clean surgery area. However, with years of experience, our commercial cleaning company in Newport is confident of maintaining a hygienic, absolutely sterile environment in your surgery rooms.

School Cleaning

It is so important to have clean school premises and classrooms. After all, it involves the health of children apart from other staff. And when the classes are fresh and clean early in the morning, it keeps children happy and reduces absenteeism.

Car Showroom Cleaning

If you run a car showroom, your premises should look as glitzy as the cars you sell. Impressions matter a lot and we ensure that your showroom and the cars are thoroughly cleaned every day.

Community Area Cleaning

Community areas such as public halls or indoor sports facilities are high traffic areas. They easily collect a lot of dust and dirt and are difficult to keep clean. With our methodical approach, we ensure each and every inch of such community areas are clean and safe for users.

Our commercial cleaning company in Newport also undertakes carpet cleaning, window cleaning and retail cleaning assignments.

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