3 Things You Must Ask When Hiring an Office Cleaner

If you are hiring an office cleaning service for your business then it is important to make sure you are hiring the right people for the job. If not, you could just be wasting valuable money every month. In order to make sure you choose the right organisation to keep on top of your company cleanliness you need to ask as many questions as possible. You will no doubt have many questions that relate to your specific business needs but in addition to any of these you should also consider asking these three things:

Can I see your credentials?

There are numerous documents that you should ask to see before signing any type of contract. These include any health and safety and insurance documentation, including evidence that the cleaners’ employed by the company are all CRB checked as standard.

It is easy for any organisation to put on a website that they have certain accreditations. To ensure that they do and that any accreditations are in date ask to see a copy of the documentation. Any organisation that is trading lawfully will have no problems with providing you with whatever you ask to see.

However, accreditations only tell you half of the story. You also need to know that the company delivers what it says it will and you can only really find this out by asking the company’s clients. Testimonials on a website are a great start but to get better picture of a company you should ask for some contact details of current/past clients. These will be able to give you an overview of the service that the company offers. Again, if the company has nothing to hide then they will not mind providing these details for you.

Will I get an Account Manager?

Although a company can clean your premises perfectly well without providing you with an account manager, things will often run a lot more smoothly if one is in place. If any issues arise regarding the service being provided the account manager will be the person to contact and take responsibility. This means that from your point of view there is no chance of anyone passing your issue on to someone else, taking valuable time up before the issue is sorted.

An account manager should get to know you and your organisation well enough that they know what you need from the cleaning service. This allows for a much more personalised approach than if you simply have cleaners sent to your premises to clean.

If they do not offer an account manager then you should, at the very least, ask for someone to be named your single point of contact that so that if you need to get in touch there should be someone who knows your company and your requirements well, and who is ready to help.
What exactly is included in the quote?

Some cleaning companies do not include items such as consumables within their quotes. This means that if you receive a quote that seems to be too good to be true, or is considerably lower than other quotes you have received then you should definitely look at what you are getting for your money.

A professional cleaning company will make sure that your business does not run out of items such as toilet paper, soap, sanitary disposal bins, air fresheners, bin liners etc. and these will be included in the price that you pay each month. However, some companies attempt to keep their costs (and quotes) low by not including these items. Not only is it a hassle for someone else to have to source and purchase them but it could actually turn out to be more costly. It is important therefore that you ensure you find out exactly what is included in a quote before signing any contracts.

Hopefully you have found this article useful? If you are a business based in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea or Bristol and would like a competitive quotation for office cleaning, then please get in touch.

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