Shared Kitchens – Office Cleaning – Dirtier Than Toilet

When you think about office cleaning it may not occur to you that a shared kitchen is often, in fact, dirtier than the toilets. However, a lot of research on this subject has been done and very interesting yet shocking findings released. Essentially, office kitchens are now really dirty, particularly kettles and microwaves, which are considered to lead the dirt pack. Kitchen draining boards and surfaces in the office have also been found to be really dirty and the huge amount of bacteria on them is reported as ‘staggering’ in many cases. The research has also indicated sharing microwaves, freezers and fridges in the office is also risky and it is important to watch out for the buttons and handles on this type of equipment due to their affinity to get dirty.

Disturbing results

Shared kitchens in the office are very common. However, those who love coffee and drink a lot of tea should be aware that over 40 percent of all kettle handles have been found to contain more bacteria than the office toilet doors. The shocking results of the study do not stop there. They also found out that over 75 percent of surfaces in the office kitchen have significantly more bacteria than a normal sized sanitary bin in female toilets.

Everyone understands how busy shared office kitchens can be as lunches and drinks are prepared. This makes it the best place for bacteria to increase and collect. It is a testament to the truth of the fact that most office staff that go to shared kitchens hardly wash hands while preparing food as required. It is also an indictment to office toilet users that they do not really wash their hands after using the facility.

Ideal hygiene practices

Promoting frequent hygiene practices is vital among office employees. Toilet dispensers can be introduced, including hand and soap surface sanitizers while ensuring the office workplace and the kitchen have been sanitized and efficiently cleaned regularly. Using a professional commercial cleaning service is a good idea, considering they are able to control and remove all germs from the office kitchen, washrooms and office work areas and basically every area of the office from the floors, carpets, windows and on chairs and tables.

At the end of the day, the kitchen and office workstations will be left odourless, refreshed, clean and impressive to the staff and clients alike. Perhaps the most important fact in all these is that commercial cleaning services are not expensive as many business owners think they are. In truth, you can have your office cleaning needs tailor-made and a budget that meets your needs efficiently agreed upon.

More shocking findings

University of Arizona students also found out that one sick individual is capable of infecting half of all the frequently touched surfaces in the office by noon. A single ill person will quickly contaminate office fridges, lift buttons, photocopiers, door knobs, table tops, desktops, handles and even telephones. At the end the day, a dozen employees could leave the office sick just as a result of one sick employee spreading germs. This is why both controlling your sickness policy and maintaining professional office and commercial cleaning services are vital for any company that does not want its productivity to be adversely effected.

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