Reasons why regular weekly cleaning will benefit you in the long-term

Albany Cleaning solutions 01The workplace is where people spend most of their waking hours. So in a way the office is the second home for all your employees and co-workers. In that light, it’s essential to provide a clean and healthy environment.

However, for most businesses, that’s not always true. Sure, you are doing your best to keep your office organised, but that does not necessarily mean it’s clean and hygienic. Let’s face it; cleanliness is not a prime priority for most businesses. Hire a cleaning company in Cardiff for a regular weekly clean. This can make a world of a difference to your office, business and your employees.

Let’s take a look at some long-term benefits of cleaning your office regularly.


Lesser Sick Days

When a virus spreads from one employee to another, it can affect your business tremendously. With your employees down and out, productivity takes a hit and work slows down.

A regular weekly clean helps stop the spread of disease. As your cleaning company in Cardiff, we will disinfect and sanitise the shared spaces such as bathrooms, break rooms and conference rooms to stop the spread of virus and disease.

Cost Savings

A regular weekly clean ensures that every part of your office is clean and free of dust and debris. From cabinets, blinds, floors and desks to shelves, furniture and hard to reach corners, our cleaning company in Cardiff will clean every space on a rotational basis to ensure dust never lingers in the office.

This way, not only are you able to keep your office clean, you can ensure that the office furniture and equipment last longer with fewer repairs. This results in significant cost savings in the long run.

Professional Image

If you walked into a business with dusty furniture, stained carpets and bins overflowing with paper, what sort of an image would that create in your mind? Would you like doing business with them?

On the other hand, what happens when you walk into a business that smells fresh and looks clean? Wouldn’t you be impressed? You might even end up doing business with them.

The same holds true for your business. A clean and hygienic office helps create the right impression on your visitors and clients. It can make a huge difference to your sales and bottom-line!

Hire the Best Cleaning Company in Cardiff

When you are looking to hire the best cleaning company in Cardiff, look no further. At Albany Cleaning, we have built a reputation for high quality commercial cleaning services in Cardiff. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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