The Importance of Keeping the Office Clean!

communal area cleanersA clean office is good for business in several ways. However, many business owners realise the importance of a clean office only after things get out of hand. A clean office ensures your employees are happy and productive. They will call in sick less often, which will reduce the number of working hours lost to sickness. A clean office also leaves a good impression on your clients. It’s a good idea to hire a contract cleaning service in Swansea for complete peace of mind.





The Stats about Office Hygiene

  • An average office desk can be 400 times dirtier than an average toilet seat and 100 times dirtier than a kitchen table.
  • Dirty office surfaces cause more than half of office illnesses.
  • Appropriately disinfecting the desk can remove 99.99% of germs.
  • About 80% of common diseases spread by touch – every time you touch your keyboard or your office phone, you are spreading germs.
  • The average keyboard may be breeding 7,500 bacteria.
  • Only 11% of people clean their keyboard at the office.

How Clean is Your Office?

How do you know if your office is really clean? Take a good look at the number of sick leaves taken in the last year. If the number is on the high side, it’s highly likely that lack of office hygiene is the culprit.

One way to clean up your office for good is to hire a big team of cleaners to clean up the entire office in and out. However, that’s not practical and can turn really expensive. A good alternative is to hire a professional cleaning company. Albany Cleaning offers professional contract cleaning services in Swansea. We will discuss your requirements to work out a bespoke schedule that fits your budget.

The Benefits of a Clean Office

When it comes to making a first impression, there are no second chances. So why take the risk?

A disorganised office space results in a disorganised mind. When the desk is clean and clutter free, it an immediately clear up the cobwebs in our minds too.

A clean office helps ensure that the air quality is on the positive side.

A clean workspace can improve the productivity of your staff, boost their morale, and even reduce the number of sick leaves.

Hire the Best Contract Cleaning Service in Swansea

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