How Teachers Can Help Keep Schools Clean and Tidy: Part 2

communal area cleanersFollowing on from our last blog, here are more ways teachers can help keep schools clean and tidy.

Implement effective organisation techniques

Your hired commercial cleaners will do their best to clean every available surface. However, cleaners tend not to move personal items around as the owners may not know where they are or if they have been placed in the right place. One way you can assist the cleaning process is to productively manage all personal effects. In a school, these things include, books, stationary, papers, filings and any portable effects. Try and organise these into stations and stack, file or put them away. This will enable the cleaners to reach as much surface area as possible. It’s these little tricks that make all the difference.

Dedicated eating area

For most education establishments children will eat in a hall or a canteen.  However, there may be times where children don’t tend to stick to the plan. This point is mainly aimed at high schools as teens tend to stray away from the ‘traditional’ eating areas and may favour a sandwich in the classroom over dinner in the hall. For most of the time, this isn’t a problem but it may help keep the school clean and tidy if there is a dedicated eating area. Food can often fall under cupboards and units and if it goes unnoticed it can produce an array of issues. These can include odour and at its worst, infestation.  Your local commercial cleaners will hoover and clean under certain furniture but others may be inaccessible to them or not included in the dedicated cleaning areas.

Encourage proper use of bins and recycling

In a few years, every business and working establishment will be encouraged to go green. If your school is one of those who recycle their rubbish then it’s your duty to ensure your children do too. Commercial cleaners won’t just focus on the inside of the school. They may be more than happy to clean the grounds too. However, picking up rubbish can seem a little waste of their time. Encourage proper use of bins and teach children which bins to use and teach them the importance of recycling. The chances are, if they understand the importance, they’ll stick to it.
Clean toilets

Your local commercial cleaners will be sure to do a fine job with cleaning the toilets. At stages in the day these can get very messy and if they aren’t treated right then it could get pretty grim. As teachers, it is down to you to enforce sanitation rules. For example, teach your children the importance of pulling the flush after the toilet.  Encourage them to pick up any tissue paper that has come loose and fallen on the floor. Encourage them to wash their hands (to prevent the spread of germs) and place their dirty drying handtowels in the bins provided. Try and discourage them from running the water and splashing it around in the bathrooms.
In all, hiring local commercial cleaners will provide your school with the cleaning system it needs. Our cleaners operate in Swansea, Bristol, Newport and Cardiff and all our local commercial cleaners have experience cleaning schools.

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