How Teachers Can Help Keep Schools Clean and Tidy: Part 1

school cleaning cardiffWhen we picture clean, pristine office environments, schools can require a lot more work than most when it comes to the daily blitz. Most employees have a duty to maintain tidiness whereas, children are a little less forgiving.

Dirty fingers, muddy boots, chocolate covered faces and don’t forget the amount of effort it takes to stop them from drawing on everything they see.

No matter what age the children you teach, you can learn some handy tips that will help you, as teachers, keep your classroom as clean as possible.

Local commercial cleaners will sure be there to complete their cleaning schedule. It’s handy to have commercial cleaners in Swansea, Bristol, Newport and Cardiff if you’re based in those areas. The cleaners work after hours as it allows the work to be completed in a way that causes minimal interruption to the day.

Commercial cleaners will often be provided with a plan to which they will work. This enables the cleaners to ensure every stone isn’t left unturned and everything on the list has been ticked off.

Therefore, as teachers, you should put in a little effort to ensure optimum cleanliness and organisation of your workspace.

We’ve put together some tips which might come in handy when the mess seems overwhelming.
Say no to muddy shoes

Those muddy shoes will be the bane of every mother’s life at some point. This can be said for teachers and schools too!  Try and encourage all children to wipe their feet at the door. Make sure that clumps of mud have been removed and sloshy mud is soaked off before they enter the classroom. Try and turn it into a game for the children so they adopt the ‘no muddy mess’ strategy. Your local Cardiff commercial cleaners will only be able to clean the carpet so many times (as its quite a big job) so it’s worth trying to keep it as clean as possible.
Dedicated painting and drawing area

Paint, pen, glitter and glue can be a nightmare to clean up. Try and dedicate a certain area in the classroom specifically for design and arts and crafts. Use paper as a ‘tablecloth’ or a backdrop to whatever is going on at the time. That way, if there are any spillages you don’t have to worry about them staining the floors or carpets. For walls, try and line walls with newspaper or dispensable products that can be easily removed.  Most schools use specialised paints that are easy to wash away. This is where your commercial cleaning company will come in and get the rooms all clean for the next day.

Find out more in our part two: how teachers can help keep schools clean and tidy.

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