4 ways a clean office environment can increase productivity

albany solutions office cleaning cardiffWhen it comes to office productivity, we always want our staff to make the most of the working day. We want a busy, bustling environment where people strive to work to the best of their ability. As employers, we have a duty to our staff. One of the ways we can ensure office productivity is by hiring professional commercial cleaners to maintain a clean, tidy office space.

Here are some of the ways that a clean office environment can increase productivity in the workplace.

1. Reduces illness

This has to be one of the best ways to ensure staff are always on top form. Hiring commercial cleaners enable you to make sure that surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and in a way that reduces contamination and the spread of bacteria. An office kitchen is a prime example of a location in which germs can spread rapidly. Imagine living at home and 30+ people are using the same kitchen?! It isn’t just the visible dirt that you need to worry about too. Often chairs, keyboards, carpets and furniture act as a breeding ground for thousands of germs. Imagine if you go 6 months without cleaning them – you’re almost ensuring your staff get ill.

2. Boosts motivation

Most of us feel like we spend the majority of our lives at work. As an employer, it is just as much your duty to ensure a great office environment as it is the employees’. Messy, dirty desks can result in lost documents, disorganised work files and a heavy increase in the amount of dust spores. Visually, it also decreases the sense of coordination we possess. If cleaners aren’t blitzing those surfaces then your employees are walking in to dirt – that’s not how you want them to begin their day.

3. Company perception

As an employer you want people to have a positive perception of your business. It takes the average customer only 7 seconds to form their opinion and so you want it to be a great one.
However, employees are often overlooked when it comes to how they view the company. If you have a workforce that is passionate about your business then you can’t go far wrong. An employee that loves what they do in a place they enjoy is worth more than one thousand people who hate their job and couldn’t care about your company.  Happy employees are often the most loyal, hardworking employees and having a clean, well presented office will indirectly be a way of maintaining those good vibes.

4. Reduces stress

An unclean, unorganised office can contribute to an increased stress level. You want your workers to have minimal distractions. You have to factor in the mind set of your employees too. You need them to come in with a positive mind-set, knowing they’re using effective time management skills and maximising their day. You don’t want them to spend an hour a day reshuffling their desks and subsequent workload because you’ve failed to do that for them. Clutter distracts the brain by creating an illusion that things are unfinished or that there may be work to do. Hiring a local commercial cleaner in Cardiff, Bristol, Newport or Swansea will ensure that doesn’t happen.

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