Top tips for keeping your carpet clean

communal area cleanersInvesting in a new carpet is both rewarding and extremely daunting. The beauty of a soft new carpet mirrored with the fear of muddy, walking boots – it won’t stay new for very long!

The level of cleaning you’ll need will depend on your circumstances as well as your carpet itself. Finer threads will need more care whilst heavy-duty carpets mask dirt more fervently.

Here are some of the top tips for keeping your carpet clean and staying in love with your designs for the next few years in South Wales.

The vacuum rules

Let’s start with the basics; hoovering is a must with any new carpet. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you the ‘ins and outs’ of hoovering because you already know. Here are some of our hoovering tips that will ensure you are maximising ‘The Favourite Cleaning Tool’.

-        We advise that you don’t wait until the carpet is ‘dirty’ to hoover it. Dirt will pile up in the threads and fibres of the carpets without appearing visually. By hoovering on a regular basis you are avoiding the likelihood of build-up and thus damaged carpet.

-        Don’t get too close to the carpet. Some hoovers allow you to add extra suction. If your hoover is too close and pulling too hard on the carpet, it will damage the carpet quality which can lead to excess wear.

-        Don’t vacuum too fast. This may sound silly but if you’re racing around your house, you aren’t going to get all the particles you need to truly keep it clean. Go slowly over every spot ensuring maximum suction.

-        Clean your hoover. It’s important to clean your hoover as it will affect its abilities. Having a dirty nozzle will lead to dirty carpets and neglecting to clean the filter every 3 months will result in a clogged hoover!

The professionals

If finance permits it we recommend getting your carpet cleaned at least once a year. Depending on your area and the size of your carpets the price will vary. However, investing in a professional clean will positively alter your carpet, leaving it looking and smelling brand new. Cleaners use specialist products and equipment that would cost thousands to buy domestically. Paying for a professional carpet cleaning service is unrivalled in that you would not be able to clean it at the level professionals do. This investment may be the difference between a carpet lasting 5 years and one lasting 15.

House rules

Enforce those house rules!

  1. No shoes in the house. Shoes carry an array of different bacteria and dirt that can be dangerous to your carpet. They hold oil and grease as well as water and sloshy mud. Once that’s on your carpet – only a professional can remove it. Keep it easy and say no to shoes!
  2. No food. Eating food at the dinner table is a great way to ensure you’re never surprised with a nasty spill. Certain food such as berries, wine, oil and butter are so difficult to remove from carpet fibres. The spilling of milk will leave a rancid smell if not cleaned straight away.
  3. Learn the correct cleaning techniques. Excessively rubbing stains or dousing them with bleaches and harsh chemicals can ruin your carpet. Depending on what has spilt or what stain you need to remove: google it first! There is so much readily available information online that will help you maintain the quality of your carpet without risking it first.

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