The emotional benefits of cleaning

fo img1For some people, cleaning is therapy and for others, it’s simply arduous. We’ve decided to write about the emotional benefits of domestic and commercial cleaning. There is actually a deeper psychology to the power of cleaning and how it makes people feel. Most people get engulfed in the feeling of productivity, creativity and positivity that cleaning brings. We’re here to tell you a little bit about why cleaning is proven to make you feel good.

Firstly, clutter or the idea of clutter actually causes increased stress levels. Clutter acts as a distraction and a basis of overwhelming our senses with an array of objects. Picture a pile of dishes in the sink or on the kitchen counter: it’s messy, it’s smelly and it shows us (directly or directly) that there is work to be done.

We know that we have to wash those dishes if we want to eat and so it creates the idea of ‘work’ even when we’re trying to relax. With this in mind, it is found that having messy kitchens’ make for worse eating decisions. For example, if your kitchen is covered in mess and dirt – would you want to prepare a meal in that? These negative decisions will affect our wellbeing.

As humans, most of us care what other people think and so if we perceive our homes to be messy then we assume others would too. Cleaning makes you feel good in the sense that it increases your confidence in your home and makes a difference when you know you will have visitors.

Studies have found that people with clean houses are healthier too!

Rearranging or moving your home furniture is an obvious sign of creativity. You may be redesigning because of a negative emotion e.g. fed up of clutter however, the impacts of doing so, lead to increased creativity. Think about it, you are using your brain to redesign your own personal space. You’re going to be happy with the outcome.

Cleaning acts as a distraction and so, for most people who are feeling down or sad decide to turn to cleaning to help them take their minds off it. This is similar to the skills of organisation and cleaning in the brain. Organisation techniques have a huge impact on our wellbeing. If we feel we are organised then we feel that we are in control of our lives. It provides a feeling of security which will generate more positive feelings.

If you haven’t got time to clean your house then don’t worry. That’s what cleaners are for! Investing in a cleaner in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea & Bristol for your home or your business will provide you just as much benefit as cleaning it yourself. Having a dirty working environment will have the same implications, that’s why commercial cleaners realise the importance of their work.

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