Best tips for cleaning walls

about albany cleaningIf you’ve got little ones running around then you’ll know; they love to rub their hands on the wall. Children are determined. If they want to run around with mud all over their hands and feet then, that’s what they’ll do (*sigh*).

As a parent, keeping the house clean is an ongoing effort. We can find ourselves spending the best part of the day cleaning the same spaces over and over again. ‘We’ve cleaned the walls two minutes ago but the youngest used it as a canvas’.

Don’t be disheartened in this forever-cleaning-process, we are here to provide some advice on which best ways to clean the walls in South Wales.

Now, depending on how your house is decorated will depend on how you can clean it. We’ve included a few options and we hope some of them apply to you:

  • Painted walls (matte, silk, gloss)
  • Wallpapered walls
  • Artistic walls, including wall art.

We aren’t expert painters and so it would be difficult to tell you which paint is best when it comes to cleaning. However, with technology ever increasing there are paints available that are made to be ‘easy wipe’ and will literally allow you to take a wet cloth and wipe off the dirt.

The problems come when the children want to scribble all over it.

Here are some of the best ways to remove pen and pencil from a painted wall:

  1. To remove pencil, simply get an eraser. Use the rubber on the affected areas and you should see an instant result.
  2. Toothpaste works wonders. To remove ink from a painted wall, simply dab white, (non-gel) toothpaste on the affected area. Wait around 10 minutes then remove with a damp cloth. Don’t rub the stain as it may spread. Instead, dab carefully and rinse.
  3. Rubbing alcohol. Dab a cloth with rubbing alcohol for removing permanent markers or ballpoint pens. Hold the cloth on the stain and it should absorb the marks. We would recommend testing it first!

Liquid stains

Have you spilt anything on the wall recently? It’s a nightmarish clean. Depending on your paint or wallpaper, the liquid can be instantly absorbed causing an unsightly stain.

Here are some tips for removing liquid stains from walls:

  1. Mix one cup of bleach with one cup of water. Soak a damp cloth and pat the wall until any colour has been removed. The use of bleach will prevent the build-up of mildew and mould growth. If the stain is really bad, we recommend repainting or using a picture to cover up.

The kitchens are the dirtiest room and with the constant cooking it is easy for dirt and grease to build up on walls and tiles. We have one easy technique that should help with any type of kitchen dirt. This will keep those walls sparkling:

  1. Washing up liquid. Mix ½ cup of washing up liquid with ½ water and wipe off grease with a damp cloth. Use specialist grease remover for tiles.

There you have it: a few simple techniques you can use to keep those walls looking as good as new.

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