Tips for keeping your bathroom clean and tidy

fo img2Everyone loves a clean house; that’s a given! One of the ‘dirtiest’ rooms in the house is considered to be the bathroom. We have come up with some of best tips that you can use to make sure your bathroom glistens and gleams. We have included some cleaning tips using household products – most of which can be found in your kitchen cupboard.

When you find that you’ve run of out of bleach – fear not, we’ve got you covered.



1. Excess scum and dirty bathroom mould.

Have you experienced dark mould and scum around plugs and shower corners? If so, the best things to use can be found no further than your kitchen. If you mix vinegar with washing-up liquid and apply it to the affected areas it works a treat. Leave it for ten minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. You will have shiny, gleaming tiles and you didn’t even use bleach!

2. Taps and ‘metallic’ surfaces.

You probably have a lot of shiny surfaces in your bathroom. Keeping them clean can become a nightmare as they will be constantly dashed with soapy water, makeup or toothpaste. A great way to keep them clean without the constant use of harsh chemicals is to use lemons. Rub a cut lemon into the surfaces and rinse off with a wet cloth. You can also use lemon juice for taps and shower heads to reduce the build-up of scum over time.

3. Toilet cleaner

An unblemished white toilet is pleasant. You may notice stains gathering in your toilet over time. Treat those stains with white vinegar. Pour the vinegar on the stains and leave for ten minutes. Wipe off gently with a paper towel (or a clear cloth). Voila, the stains have magically disappeared.

4. Blocked plugholes

If many people in your household use the shower then you will probably experience a blocked plughole at some point. Showers, baths and sinks will get blocked easily with excess hair that congeals in the pipes if not cleaned properly. Sink and plughole unblocker is the most effective way to ensure the smooth running of all appliances. The worst is getting into the shower in the morning for the basin to overflow within two minutes. Follow the instructions on the container, usually you pour it down and leave for up to 30 minutes for it to take effect.

5. Toothbrush holders

The sink can tend to get very dirty and the toothbrush holders are no different. It’s difficult to get into the holders to give them a good old clean. A really simple and effective way of keeping them clean is to pop the holders into the dishwasher! Let technology do its thing – it will save you time and effort.

6. Spray bleach

Bathroom floors will forever look dirty. Without a doubt, dirty, wet feet after the shower or bath will create dark stains on the floors. An easy way to manage that is to use spray bleach. A few sprays of bleach, cleaned with a dry mop should do the trick. It stops you from having to reach for the mop and bucket every time!

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