Best Basic Products for House Cleaning

cleaning vans cardiff albanyThink back to your mum’s cleaning cupboard. We bet you can name at least five products that she would never go without. There are staple cleaning products in every household that are constantly topped up when they run out. Have a think, see what you can remember. We’ve decided to put together a small list of the best basic products for household cleaning. If you already have them then you’re halfway there to blissful cleaning!


1. Bleach

Bleach is the number one product that no household can go without. Anything you need cleaned, we bet the first thing you’ll think of is bleach.

Bleach is a harsh cleaner which probably shouldn’t be used as willingly as we do. So, in moderation let’s go through the different household appliances that would benefit from bleach.

  1. Toilet bowl (perfect for getting rid of stains).
  2. Sinks(great for unblocking drains and minimising scum)
  3. Bare floors( perfect for lifting tough stains and dirt)

 2. Antibacterial wipes

Having easy-clean wipes are the perfect cleaning accessory for any household. If you haven’t got time to get out the bleaches or the sprays then the antibacterial cleaning wipes are a great way to get those surfaces shiny and clean without the stress and effort of allocating excess time. They are great for little spills and dried in dirt on hard surfaces. They also work a treat around the bathroom: use them for a quick sink clean or a whiz around the toilet seat.

3. Scented hard floor cleaner

Hard floor cleaner is amazing when it’s scented. You can get excellent cleaners that work in harmony with your wood or lino flooring. The scent from the cleaner will leave your room feeling fresh. Floors can get dirty very easily and so it’s great to have a dedicated detergent for when you need to have a quick whip around. If you have carpet then you must invest in a professional carpet cleaner to ensure the best results. Great tip: try using a ‘shake and vac’ to freshen up after hoovering. Shake a little of the product on the carpet then hoover over it. It works similar to a scented floor cleaner but it’s made for carpets!

4. Spray detergent

Spray detergent is the most convenient of the cleaning products. Most multipurpose cleaners can be used on all surfaces and work well with daily cleaning needs. Pair your spray detergent with a suitable cleaning cloth and you won’t go far wrong. The antibacterial sprays are the best as they provide a germ-free clean as well as a fresh light scent.

5. ‘Smellies’

There is nothing better than ending a morning clean with the beautiful smell of burning candles in the background. If your home smells good then it’s going to feel good too. Use scented candles or plug-in air fresheners for a continued yummy smell throughout the house.

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