Products best for cleaning your kitchen

fo img1Sometimes, cleaning the kitchen is an all-day kind of job. Bleaching and degreasing, scrubbing, washing and sorting. There are so many products to use for so many things so we’ve decided to put together some of the most important ones that will best help you keep your beloved kitchen sparkly fresh!



All-purpose cleaner.

All-purpose cleaner is a must-have for any kitchen. Most detergents kill 99.9% of bacteria which is essential for minimising the spread of bacteria that can be found in a kitchen. Try your all-purpose cleaner on hard surfaces, kitchen cupboards, fridges, tables and skirting boards. Its’ easy use makes for a simple, easy clean. It is effective and great to get the job done quickly. Most brands do exactly the same job and prices start from as little as £1 per bottle.

Glass cleaner

Windows are more prone to smudges and dirt due to the busy nature of a kitchen. If you have a sink underneath your window you will notice the constant dirt from the suds of washing up. Splashes of water and soap will smudge the clean glass and overtime this can cause a build-up that may be harder to eradicate. Investing in a great window cleaner will keep your kitchen looking fresh.

Microfibre cloths

Sometimes using a decent cloth is just as important as using a decent cleaner. Microfibre cloths are a brilliant tool when it comes to smudge-free cleaning. They can be used on an array of surfaces and are less abrasive than generic cheaper cloths. With kitchen cleaning they work perfectly for cupboard doors and window cleaning.

Oven cleaner

Regular oven cleaning is often overlooked as an inessential task. Have you ever cooked food in a dirty oven? Food spores will spread within the oven which will cause grease and food build up. Every time you use a dirty oven you will smell it (and it isn’t pleasant). It will repeatedly ‘cook’ the food spores which over time will be harder to clean. Spray on the oven cleaner as per the instructions and leave for up to one hour and wipe thoroughly for a fresh clean oven.

Floor cleaner

Investing in a good floor cleaner will freshen up your kitchen at an affordable price. Some floor cleaners will leave a thick residue which can make the floor look dirty. Try a streak-free, scented cleaner that will leave your floor gleaming and your kitchen smelling fresh. Try not to over-wash your floor as this can cause the chemicals to ‘pile up’ over time – it will cause more harm than good.

Hob cleaner

This is a highly overlooked product. Most people will go for generic household detergents to clean a hob. However, due to the amount of dried food and grease it won’t work as effectively as a dedicated hob cleaner.

So there you have it, the most important cleaning products with a bunch of tips thrown in!

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