What can I do if I’m not happy with my cleaners?

albany solutions office cleaning cardiffIf you employ a local commercial cleaning company for your business and you aren’t happy, what can you do?

For some, making a complaint is a big deal. It’s difficult to know how to approach certain situations and address certain issues without feeling embarrassed, upset or stressed.

Paying for a service that you’re not necessarily receiving is a headache and we know that sometimes it can cause a lot of stress for the business owner.

It’s important that you are happy with the service you are funding, at every instance. If you are ever unsatisfied with the job, you must feel at ease enough to raise those concerns and get them rectified straight away.

With that said, here are some things you can do to help you along the way. We’ve given you a few scenarios and some suggestions on actions you can take.

Scenario 1: Your cleaner doesn’t do the job they’re supposed to.

Sometimes you may find your cleaner has not done the job they’re supposed to. For example, they haven’t cleaned well enough or used products you’ve told them not to use.

If you feel you can’t approach your cleaner then don’t worry. There will be an area manager that you can contact directly. Express your concerns in a positive way: ‘The clean was good however, there are certain things that I’d prefer to be done differently…..’ .

This way you aren’t causing a problem you are just providing ‘constructive criticism’ which many businesses need. You’ll find this much easier than making a complaint.

Scenario 2: Your cleaner keeps missing areas that are of importance.

Some businesses have certain areas of focus. For example a car showroom will need exceptional window cleaning services and the intense cleaning of floor tiles and walls. If a cleaner were to miss these areas but complete all others – is this worth mentioning? Of course! It’s important you illustrate these needs from the outset. In this situation you can tell them what a great job they’ve done but mention that due to the nature of the business it’s important that these tasks are done first.

Scenario 3: You need your cleaner to be more flexible with the working hours.

Firstly, if your cleaner turns up late more than once then it must be addressed. It must also be addressed if the times your cleaner works are not working for you. Commercial cleaning companies should be flexible so take it up with the area manager – they will be more than happy to assist you.

Scenario 4: Your budget doesn’t stretch for a deeper clean.

If you feel your money isn’t getting you the results you want due to time restrictions then its worth speaking to the area manager to discuss your options. For example, if you aren’t getting enough of a clean in the timeframes you can afford, then you can try to assign certain areas of importance to the cleaner. Also you can try to reduce clutter yourself and put rubbish out before they arrive to help with the time restraints.

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