5 questions you should ask yourself before hiring a commercial cleaning company

about albany cleaning solutions cardiffKeeping your business premises clean is definitely up there on the most important things you need to keep track of. It can be the first (or last) impression you leave a customer and so you want it to be a good one.

Hiring a local, commercial cleaner is an investment. You need to make sure their services are within your budget and that the jobs you want done, get done. However, there is so much competition that it’s imperative you seek a cleaner that has an impeccable reputation and one that is local to your area.

Finding a cleaner is the hardest part. Once you’re happy with your selection, you instruct the cleaners to fulfil certain duties; you tell them your needs and wants and there you have it!


There are 5 questions you should ask yourself before hiring a commercial cleaning company:

1. Can I afford it?

For most businesses, they factor in the need for industrial or commercial cleaning. If you haven’t done this then don’t worry because you will certainly be able to account for the investment somewhere in your budget. We are always flexible and we can work around your budget, assisting you where we can by keeping your costs low and our work concise.

If you have the need for a commercial cleaner, take this advice: don’t just go with the first one you come across. Have a look around and get some quotes put together. We offer a competitive service and our wealth of experience makes us confident we can fulfil whatever job we are given.

Reputation is everything within the world of commercial cleaning in Cardiff. Try and liaise with a company that has outstanding reputation or one that has been recommended to you by word-of-mouth (usually that’s the most reliable source).

2. Local commercial cleaners are important.

Using a local cleaner is just as important as using a good cleaner. It’s important to know a little bit about the other work that the cleaning company does because it will give you a better view of their timetable and their working schedule. You don’t want to be faced with cleaners phoning in sick at the last minute because that will affect your business. By having a company that contracts locally then the area manager can call on other local cleaners within the company to act on behalf of your normal cleaner. Great management skills is essential for a commercial cleaner in Cardiff because the job itself takes a lot of organising. The best thing about our company is that we always have someone on hand if one of our cleaners can’t make it. We operate locally throughout Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Bristol and therefore, cover a huge area. This means someone is always about to get the job done!

3. Commercial cleaning flexibility.

You must ensure that before you hire a commercial cleaning company they are flexible in their approach to working. You don’t want to agree a contract and then be told that ‘something has come up’ and your office or workshop can’t be cleaned until next month! Of course, that’s a major headache so ensure that your Cardiff cleaning company can assist you as soon as possible. Flexibility is also important when it comes to your business hours. Most companies will need a commercial cleaner outside of office hours so it’s vital that if this applies to your business that you hire a cleaner that is going to accommodate your requests. Most people won’t want a cleaner within the traditional 9-5 so just ask the question: are you flexible? We understand the importance of flexible working hours and so we have a range of flexible options that we can offer.

4. Types of cleaning

Depending on your business will depend on what type of clean you may need. For businesses that need more than just a generic clean it’s important your cleaners have experience with all different kinds of cleaning. For example we are specialists in window cleaning, showroom cleaning, school cleaning and office cleaning, among many more. We can clean any surface and use products that enable the best cleaning results.

For many cleaning companies there are certain tasks that they simply won’t do. Not because they don’t want to but because it takes training and specialist work which for some, is just not available to them. For example, some companies won’t offer carpet cleaning or will charge you a substantial amount for the service. It’s important you illustrate your needs from the outset and confirm with the Cardiff commercial cleaners that they can undertake that work.

Types of cleaning will depend on the experience. We have a variety of specialist areas in which we operate which means we can provide you with the best results whilst doing the jobs that are a little bit ‘extra’.

5. Legal requirements

Ensure that before you sign any contracts the cleaning company has the relevant legalities in place. You need to check that the commercial cleaning company has insurance and adhere to the COSHH regulations (the use of hazardous chemicals is important to note). It’s important you check that the company pays minimum wage to their staff and that they have experience (although not legal but important). Although they don’t need any formal qualifications it’s important that the company adheres to health and safety and a manual handling policy.

So, to summarise:

You should always hire a commercial cleaning company in the local area if you feel your business will benefit from a professional cleaning service. You should check the company’s reputation and their service history. You should also check that they are local and can provide you with a flexible working schedule.

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