Why a good classroom clean out will make a difference to your daily workload

Albany Cleaning solutions 02Having a highly organised and clean classroom will make a difference to your work life on a daily basis. We know this because we have 13 years’ experience in commercial cleaning and one of our specialities is classroom cleaning!

Firstly, we will talk about why it is important to organise your classroom.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a boring lecture on generic organisational techniques! We are using just a few proven points on how to organise and make your life a little easier.



1. Structure your room into sections.

Your classroom will be packed full to the brim of resources, books, pens, papers and endless amounts of learning materials. Sectioning off your room to accommodate all of your materials will enable easier maintenance. Pair this technique with a good cleaning schedule and you’ll have a recipe for success.

All books should be in one corner, which then, when you invest in a commercial cleaner will ensure that every square foot is as clean as possible.

2. Utilise every available space

As commercial cleaners we know the surfaces that need to be cleaned and to what extent. We know that shelving units come in handy for the maximisation of space and that they are really easy to clean!

Use all shelving units to organise your materials. Don’t try and store everything in drawers’ because your items will gather dust easily and it’s an easy way for things to get lost.

3. Don’t forget your desk

You mustn’t forget your desk in the midst of it all. You may find that you get so caught up in trying to get books stacked, drawers tidy and the floor free from materials that you forget about your own space.

Use storage devices and containers and remove anything irrelevant off your desk. You won’t realise how amazing you will feel and how organised you’ll be when you walk into work the next day with a fresh desk. Naturally, it will feel like there is less to do which enables you to focus on the important things.

4. Throw all rubbish away

This may sound so obvious but you may be surprised at how many unnecessary items you find that you don’t need. All paper should be recycled and all unwanted materials can be thrown away on a daily basis. Throwing away all irrelevant materials will also make cleaning a lot easier. An effective clean usually involves cleaning areas that don’t get cleaned that often. A good polish and touch of bleach is a given but going that extra mile is the difference between a classroom actually being clean and just looking clean.

Organisation skills will come in time and there are thousands of tips that will help you out. Cleaning and organisation goes hand in hand so invest in a recommended local commercial cleaner!

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