5 Best Ways To Keep Your Shop Front Clean and Maximise Engagement

about albany cleaningKeeping your shop front clean is probably one of the most important things you could do to maximise customer engagement from the outset. We’re not just talking about ways to clean your windows because you’re already going to know that – we’re talking about keeping your shop front display clean, pristine + organised.

With any business the goal is to convert plain enquiries into hard sales – one of the easy ways you can do that is to attract your customer before they’ve even walked in the door.



As commercial cleaners with over 13 years’ experience we know that keeping your retail unit clean is essential to maintaining a regular customer base and having happy customers.

1. Use good quality products

There is nothing worse than getting to work on your display windows and all you can see after 15 minutes is an array of smudges and grease residue. Ensure you use high quality products – that includes the cleaning cloth too! You must ensure you use a fresh, clean cloth along with a good quality window spray.

2. Clean the walls

Please, to all retail owners out there – you must clean the walls that surround the display area. Customers will be looking in and if the sides of the walls are packed with handprints and dark scratches it will make the whole display look dirty. Invest in a steam cleaner or clean the surrounding areas as you go along e.g. don’t wait a month until you decide to clean it.

3. Mannequins

Picture this: stunning dress, gorgeous shoes and dirty, dirty mannequin. Firstly, as its position is directly in the window the sun is going to magnify any dirt that hasn’t been cleaned. Secondly, dust gathers really quickly on items that are sedentary – use a good duster with regularly weekly cleaning. You want to capture your customers from the outset!

4. Chipped paint is a no-go

If your shop front is consumed by an array of chipped paint and water staining; it’s not going to attract many visitors. When we talk of keeping your retail units clean it’s easy to think only of cleaning the inside. However, the outside creates as much of an impression as the cleanliness on the inside. Little changes inside and out will make a huge difference to customer engagement. Invest in a sturdy outdoor paint and give your shop window a re-paint and a new look.

5. Lighting is a must

There’s no point keeping your display clean and tidy with a showcase of your best products if no one can see it. Good lighting is a cost effective technique to engage clients as it directly showcases your best products. Ensure that you are regularly dusting your lightbulbs and make sure you are replacing broken ones!

Trust us, customers will notice these subtle changes.

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