Fun Ways To Make Cleaning Easier

about albany cleaning solutions cardiffWe’ve hit August and we want to give you some ways that you can make cleaning your house (or office) easier and packed full of fun.

Sometimes we all like to chill out, pop on some music and get underway with the spring cleaning!

If you’re a small to medium business owner then you may want to pop into the office out of working hours and give the office a little clean up.

Of course, we would always tell you to employ a commercial cleaner but for those days when you want to do it yourself, here are our favourite tips on how to have fun cleaning.


1. Put on your favourite tracks

As we said, there is nothing like spring cleaning in your shorts and T with your favourite tracks in the background. It’s proven that cleaning actually reduces stress so if you find yourself needing a release and can’t face the gym then pop into the office and have a right old clean. Music is good for the soul and it really makes a tedious task that little bit more enjoyable.

2. Turn your cleaning routine into a workout

We can tell you something: mopping floors is a good workout! Mop or hoover all available floor surfaces and you’ll get a good workout without even realising it. We know you’ve had a little dance with the hoover before and imagined yourself as the new Cinderella!

3. Buy yourself some new cleaning products

Every task becomes so much more fun when you have new tools to use. Cleaning applies the same principles – cleaning windows is so satisfying when you have a good window cleaner and scrubbing those surfaces is better when you use a good quality product. We always tell our clients that using the best equipment will produce the best results. We use top of the range products that enable us to clean to the best of our ability and produce the best outcome.

4. Challenge yourself

Clean to the clock! See how long it would take you to clean certain rooms or certain items. Get out your phone, put on a timer and see if you can guess the length of time until you’re finished! It’s shown that working under pressure will make us get things done quicker!

5. See it as an accomplishment

Finishing that last bit of cleaning is definitely an accomplishment. Rather than looking at cleaning as a burden, look at it as if you’ve ticked an action off your to-do list. Try and apply this principle to everything you do in life – if you keep putting that one task off, then try and change on your views on that task. Give yourself a pat on the back when you finish!

So there it is, a few tips on how to make cleaning fun!

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