3 tips on how to keep your office room clean + reduce hazards

Albany Cleaning solutions 01Briefing new employees on health and safety may seem like a tedious job but it’s so important (we hate to say it). However, the briefing is the easy part – the hard part is actually making sure your office is health and safety compliant as well as being clean and tidy.

Don’t worry, we’re here to give you tips on how a professional cleaner would recommend keeping your office tidy and help you comply with health and safety regulations.

Just a quick note before we dive in: we aren’t health and safety experts and if you need advice you must seek it through the relevant authorities. However, we are professional commercial cleaners and we have got some tips that will help your office remain spotless and help you avoid unwanted trips and falls in the process.


Tip 1:

Tuck away all electrical cables

It’s essential that no loose computer wires are accessible in the office environment. There should be no exposed cables or dangling wires that could cause harm to another person.

It’s so easy to trip over a wire (whether it be from a hoover or from an extension lead for example). It could cause severe injury in some cases! Besides, clumps of wiring all around the desks isn’t a pretty sight! It’s a practical tip but visually it goes a long way!

How do we avoid it? Simple, use cable ties to tuck away all computer wires into a nice easy slot. Try and hide them behind the computer towers and try this technique with all electrical cables. When using an appliance that provides a loose wire over the floor then use signs to indicate the hazard. It doesn’t need to be drastic but it will minimise accidents and help to keep the place tidier.

Tip 2:

Create a designated storage area for boxes

There really is nothing worse than clutter when you’re trying to make a room look tidy. With years of experience in commercial cleaning we know our stuff and boxes are the worst for making a room look messy.

Designate either a small area where all boxes and storage can be loaded. Label each box for convenience and ensure that the biggest boxes go on the floor and all lighter boxes are towards the ceiling. Beware – it’s important to brief staff on manual handling techniques when it comes to moving boxes in and out of the office.

Tip 3:

Wear shoes in the office

Firstly, this should be a given but so many employees tend to take off their shoes during work hours and roam around the office bare foot. Why is this a problem? Well, it makes the place look untidy and secondly, it provides a potential falling hazard. People are prone to trip over scattered shoes. Smelly feet is not nice + shoes all around the office makes it look messy!!

When it comes to keeping your office clean, implementing little tips to ensure that the environment is as best as it can be is important but you can always hire our cleaning company to come in and do it for you!

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