Why a dependable cleaner is vital for your business

car showroom cleaning contractsFor some of you, employing a local cleaner may seem like the last thing on your to-do list but let us tell you, with 13 years’ experience in commercial cleaning – it needs to be a priority.

Keeping your work place tidy, no matter where you are is the difference between having happy clients and having miserable clients.

Walking into the office first thing in the morning and seeing that your desk hasn’t been cleaned isn’t going to start the day off in the best way. Also, finding yesterday’s food wrappers strewn around the room isn’t going to make for the freshest of environments.


It’s important that staff are taken care of and clients are shown how amazing your business really is.

Whether you work in a surgery or in an office the same principles apply: hire a local commercial cleaner that is dependable and has the relevant skills you require.

There is no good hiring a domestic cleaning company with a huge office that needs deep cleaning on a daily basis as it’s not going to benefit you in any way.

You need to find a local cleaner that covers various locations that can provide you with a service that is tailored to your needs.

So why would you choose us as a dependable commercial cleaner?

We have 13 years’ experience with various specialities and solid references. We work around your hours and aim to accommodate you where we can. For most companies, out of office cleaning is required which for many is essential to the overall operation of the business.

Using the right chemicals with the right techniques will ensure that your working environment is where you want it to be. For certain surfaces, certain products are required.

All our staff have a DBS check which are all monitored by a dedicated management team. You get what you pay for! You can rest assured that our team will be using every hour making sure your environment is perfect for the next day. We offer bespoke cleaning schedules in the Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea area providing tailored solutions to all of our clients.

Dependable commercial cleaning really is important when you know things need to be in check for the next day. We love the fact that all our cleaners proudly display our company by wearing dedicated uniforms whilst working. We feel this gives us a professional image and we wear those uniforms with a sense of pride. We are proud that over the years we have amassed valuable experiences ensuring smooth work with all of our clients. We offer retail cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, car showroom cleaning, school cleaning and surgery cleaning amongst other services!

The wealth of our knowledge is invaluable and all that really matters is that we are doing our job and doing it well. We do our job well so the operation of your business goes as smoothly as possible.

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