Easy ways to keep your fridge clean and tidy

albany solutions office cleaning cardiffThe fridge is the hub for all things magical (e.g. that huge slice of cake we’ve been waiting for all day). The worst thing in the world is opening your fridge and being hit with an almighty whiff of best-before cheese or that leftover dinner from ‘the other night’. Whether you’re at home or in work, it’s important to keep your fridge clean and tidy.


Well firstly, its hygienic and secondly when you’re hungry its quite off-putting to be faced with a rather stale, putrid smell.

So that being said, here are some easy ways in which you can keep your fridge clean and tidy, at home or in work.


Sort through it.

Watching all the food build up in your fridge is great until it comes to that time at the end of every week where you need to clean it all out.

Firstly, try not to wait a week or more to clean out your fridge. By sorting every two to three days you minimise food wastage and help ensure your fridge isn’t filled with gone-off food.

When you’re sorting through, arm yourself with a sponge and lightly soapy water to wipe down the shelves where your old food has been.


Always store meat on the bottom shelves. If you have little boxes in your fridge ensure that any meat is thoroughly wrapped and placed in the bottom shelves. This prevents leakage and cross contamination of food products. Also, it means once you’ve used the meat you have to clean down the shelving units to make way for other foods (it reminds you to clean)!

Space-savvy products.

Sometimes, food and drinks can be endlessly stacked upon each other especially if your fridge is smaller than average (think office fridge). Finding ways to maximise fridge storage will really make a difference to the way you use it.

Try specialised bottle racks or try even rearranging the way your fridge is laid out. For example, you may need to remove one shelf to make way for taller products – that little move could transform your whole fridge. Try using labels or dedicated certain areas to certain products.

Try and organise your fridge based on food groups. E.g. all jars and sauces in one area whilst all fruit and veg in another. A really smart tip we believe helps keep your fridge clean and tidy is to store leftover food or food that needs to be eaten at eye level. That way you can’t miss it!

All products that don’t need to be refrigerated – leave them out.

In the worst cases, such as offices, the fridges tend to be too dirty. When there has been obvious cross contamination its important professional products are used to reduce the spread of germs. If you need a local office cleaner, we’re sure we can clean the fridge for you!

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