Top tips for end of tenancy cleaning

about albany cleaning solutions cardiffEnd of tenancy cleaning can be a nightmare. Gutting a house or flat, moving all the furniture out and then making sure you leave it as spotless as you found it. With months and sometimes even years’ worth of dirt, it’s not an easy task.

In order to minimise the not-so-glamourous task of completely cleaning your entire house we have come up with some tips that can make end-of-tenancy cleaning a lot more bearable. Although, we most definitely recommend hiring a local end-of-tenancy cleaner!





Tackle one room at a time.

This may sound like an obvious way to minimise the cleaning headache but it really does help. By tackling one room at a time you can focus your full energy into each space. One down, four more to go! We, as cleaners would recommend tackling the dirtiest room first. That way it can only get easier from there.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

  • Empty out all cupboards and throw away unwanted food (clean all surfaces thereafter).
  • Remove all food from the fridge + give it a good scrubbing.
  • Clean oven with specialised oven cleaner (if you just use bleach you’re not going to get very far).
  • Put all dishes (even clean ones) through the dishwasher one last time + pack immediately into boxes ready for moving day.

Throw away anything you don’t want.

Finding a local end-of tenancy cleaner is essential but you can make it less work and less costly for yourselves if you know what you want to throw away. All junk, rubbish and even that bookshelf that you really shouldn’t have kept from your last house! It can all go! Throwing away unwanted things means you free up space, making for easier cleaning.

Tackle the bathroom on your own.

Now, you may think the bathroom is the hardest and yuckiest to clean but we think different! It’s the smallest room (usually) in the house and therefore, should take a much quicker time to clean (less surface area). Use an easy spray bleach for all surfaces – even tiles. If you have a shower curtain, take it down and clean all around the bath/shower area. Make sure all tiles are gleaming and all stains have been removed. It sounds like a lot but doing it on your own means you don’t have to worry about areas being left out!

Garden cleaning.

If you’ve got a garden, your landlord may expect you to leave it as tidy as it was when you moved it. Fear not if your garden looks a little like an unloved rubbish dump. Firstly, remove all rubbish and take it to a tip or leave it outside for the bin men. Secondly, remove all furniture and unwanted bits and bobs. Thirdly, give it some love before you go. Buy some grass and plant food and give it a sprinkling.

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant investing in a local cleaner is always essential!

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