Why your call centre needs a professional cleaner?

Albany Cleaning solutions 03The hustle and bustle, the high paced environment and the very dirty desks. Why should your call centre hire a professional cleaner?

Well, here are 5 reasons why hiring a cleaner for your call centre in Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol will benefit your office, your staff and the overall atmosphere.





1) Hot desking

If your call centre operates a hot desk policy then it’s imperative that those desks are kept as clean as possible to prevent the spread of germs. Depending on the operating shift patterns, many different members of staff will handle the same surfaces over a short space of time. Apart from the obvious (grubby and germ ridden) hygiene is important.

The headsets, keyboards, pens and mice harbour a huge amount of bacteria which makes for an easy way to spread viruses and diseases. Also, don’t think your staff won’t notice when things haven’t been cleaned (they will!).

2) Generic cleaning services may not be enough

Generic cleaning services are great but in an environment such as a call centre it’s important that the office is deep cleansed at least once a week. A deep clean will allow the keyboards, screens, desks and touchable surfaces to be cleaned thoroughly to minimise the spread of germs and keep it clean for all staff members.

Deep cleans usually involve harsher cleaning chemicals and a slightly altered cleaning routine, hence the employment of professional, local cleaning services such as ourselves.

3) Office kitchen

The office kitchen may be the life of the office and also the dirtiest place! For both hygiene reasons and staff satisfaction, hiring a professional cleaner that can come out of office hours is essential.

Cleaning the ovens, fridges, sinks and surface areas will allow for a work friendly environment and definitely increase staff satisfaction. It will reduce the spread of germs and minimise the risk of food contamination causing salmonella or Ecoli.

The quality of the cleaning products is also worth considering – cheap products will create an unwanted film or insufficient reduction in bacteria. Talk to us about the quality of our products.

4) Staff satisfaction

As we know, a clean desk is a clean mind. It’s important for your staff to know that overnight their desks have been professionally cleaned and they’re coming in to a cleansed working environment.

Employing a good cleaner really makes a difference in the standard that is provided. Staff will expect their desks to be fresh for the next morning and it is down to us to provide that for them. Dirty cups and cutlery need to be thoroughly cleaned and removed from the desks for maximum cleanliness (no cleaning around them!)

5) Thorough under-furniture cleaning

Call centres tend to be full of chairs, desks and whiteboards so cleaning in between the cracks is important. Hoovering under the desks and chairs and moving items around to ensure the under passages are cleaned is key. We will provide top quality cleaning services all over Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and Bristol.

Therefore, if you haven’t thought about it now you may want to employ professional, local cleaning services.

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