Why Hiring A Cleaner Is Essential In Summer

cleaning jobs cardiffThe summer months are nearing and we can’t wait for it! Those long hot days spent with friends and family. The smell of grass lingering in the breeze. Those night time barbeques in the garden. It couldn’t be more perfect, or could it?

The majority of us won’t have the luxury of taking weeks of work and most of the time will be spent in the office.

It’s important for any commercial entity to hire a cleaner. However, in the summer months extra care should be taken to ensure that the office space is adequately cleaned and allergens minimised.

For some of us summer months aren’t so enjoyable due to the presence of increase pollen and mould in the air.

Allergies are exacerbated in the summer months making daily life unmanageable and for some of us, unbearable.

Allergies aren’t contagious and you don’t have to be a chronic allergy sufferer to develop other known symptoms. Allergies can strike at any time so it’s important your office environment is appropriately looked after and all necessary steps taken to ensure a clean work space.

Why is this important?

Pollen spores can get onto clothes and of course, be dragged into the office environment without realising. Red eyes, runny nose and tight chest are just some of the symptoms but for others they run much deeper.

Asthma suffers are susceptible to extreme exacerbation of symptoms which may result in time off work or more serious issues.

What can you do to prevent exacerbation of allergies?

There are simple techniques that you can do without the need of a cleaner. Here are a few tips..

  • Keep the windows and doors closed where you can. Keep blinds rolled down to prevent the sun from increasing the room temperatures.
  • Ensure personal hygiene policies are in place. Clean clothes minimise the spreading of pollen and mould spores.
  • Ensure strict smoking policies as smoking irritate the nose and throat lining which can further worsen symptoms, especially for non-smokers.

Having effective, professional cleaning care is essential in summer. We offer services over Cardiff, Bristol Swansea and Newport that will ensure that your working environment is clean for yourself and your staff.

What can a cleaner do to prevent exacerbation of allergies?

As well as our normal cleaning regimes to fit your type of business, there are other techniques we can adopt to ensure that allergens are minimised and the work space is sanitary.

  • Effective vacuum cleaning is essential in summer months. Ideally a high-efficiency particle arresting filter should be used to rid of allergens. Extra attention to detail and thorough monitoring should be taken.
  • Damp dusting. Dusting using specialist cloths will collect the dust and stop pollen spreading through the air. We are thorough and all of our cleaning tools are top quality.
  • Surface cleansing. Using a professional cleaner ensures that surfaces are disinfected and cleansed to a high standard. Our out of office hours cleaning services means that work will be completed always leaving a fresh environment for the next day.


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