5 reasons why your car showroom needs a professional cleaner and why you should choose us.

car showroom cleaning contractsFirst impressions always count. It takes around 7 seconds for someone to develop their first impressions so those impressions need to be good ones!

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is imperative. It needs to reflect the quality of the products being sold and the. Whether it’s a car, van, car cleaning accessories or the financial deals that back every agreement, appearance is important.

Walking into a car showroom you feel the air conditioning hitting your face and the smell of fresh leather. The floors should sparkle and the cars should gleam under the artificial lighting. Clean, crisp and fresh.

If you haven’t already got a professional cleaning company in Cardiff to spruce up your showroom, this will make you want one.

Here are 5 reasons why your car showroom needs a professional cleaner and why you should choose us.

1) Make those windows sparkle.

Think of how many people touch the windows of the cars? Fingerprints on the surfaces may prevent a customer being able to capture full beauty of the interior. They are also an obvious sign that the cars haven’t been cleaned so it’s important that the windows are wiped down using delicate products with specialist cloths.

As well as the model windows it is also important that the main windows are professionally cleaned as this accounts for a huge portion of the first impression. We offer both services and have many years’ experience in professional window cleaning which we tailor to your needs.

2) Size matters

The sheer size of car showrooms may result in a build-up of dirt if not cleaned professionally. Large and open plan environments need attention to detail to ensure the tightest of places are being cleaned. As we know, the importance of maintaining a pristine environment is crucial. Our staff are handpicked and specialist cleaning machines are used to ensure that every inch is covered.

3) Focus on those floors

Showroom floors are known for their reflective appearance. Clear enough to see the reflections of the bright ceiling lights creating an illusion of added space. It is necessary to ensure that professional cleaning services are undertaken. We use specialist equipment to clean and buffer the floor to ensure constant sparkle.

4) Flexibility and quality

We are flexible with our availability. We work outside of office hours to ensure that the environment is always fresh and clean for the following working day. Flexibility and transparency in key when choosing which cleaning company to choose. We have GPS trackers to monitor the cleaning hours undertaken whilst on the premises. This ensures that every minute is accounted for and the necessary work is being undertaken.

5) Let’s clean those cars.

The cars are the money makers. As we mentioned, hundreds of customers will be touching the models on a daily basis. Dust will fall and the natural oils from skin will dirty the appearance. It is imperative that the cars are cleaned on a weekly basis and hiring a cleaning company will produce results and result in peace of mind.

The pristine appearance is what sells so ensure your showroom is maximising its efforts!

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