An essential checklist for a hygienic office kitchen

An essential checklist for a hygienic office kitchen

WE ALL know that workplace relationships can sometimes be strained. However, there’s often no worse a battleground than the shared office kitchen so if unwashed cups and dirty cutlery are driving your staff to distraction, it may be time to insist on a little order.

Not only will your business be a healthier, more hygienic place, but the good news is that you’ll be putting a stop to one of the major causes of disgruntlement among employees too.

With a recent survey revealing office kitchens are often dirtier than toilets (and half of all surfaces in workplace kitchens are contaminated with illness-causing bacteria) we’ve put together an essential checklist for maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Wash all dishes and cutlery in hot, soapy water immediately after using, and make sure any crockery and utensils are dried thoroughly. It’s also important to put everything away in order to avoid clutter. 
  • If people store food in a communal fridge, then it’s advisable to encourage staff to either take it back home with them or throw it away if it hasn’t been eaten in a week. Too often food is left to rot and go mouldy, which can in turn become a health hazard. 
  • Make sure that dry food such as crisps and crackers are stored in a sealed container, away from worktops. Crumbs and debris can attract unwelcome visitors so it’s important to keep these items in cupboards where possible.
  • If staff use worktops to prepare food, then ensure these are wiped down regularly. Also encourage regular handwashing and good sanitation by installing paper towel and soap dispensers.
  • When staff use a microwave, ask people to wipe away any spills and splatters. Failing to clean up after preparing food is not only unhygienic but it’s also rude and therefore highly unlikely to keep office relations running smoothly!


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