Top Five Dirtiest Places in Your School

Germs are found everywhere and when children are in close contact, infection-causing bacteria can spread quickly. Thankfully, there are procedures your school can put in place to teach germs a lesson:

● Encourage regular hand washing among staff and pupils

● Ensure the school environment is tidy and hygienic through the implementation of a daily cleaning routine

● Make sure all staff are trained in the school’s hygiene policy

Nevertheless, in every school there are several germ­breeding hotspots that require particular attention. Here, the Albany Cleaning Services team takes a look at the dirtiest places in and around the classroom – and what you can do to bust the dust.

Gym equipment

Germs can spread from person to person if contaminated surfaces are not properly cleaned. It is important that gym equipment is stored in damp­-proof storage cupboards or containers. Make sure that the sand in sandpits is changed regularly.

Classroom resources

Did you know that a computer keyboard harbours more germs than a toilet? It’s not pleasant to think about but the same principles that apply to gym equipment must be used around the classroom too – surfaces should be cleaned regularly to ensure a good standard of hygiene and keep germs at bay.


Surprisingly, the risk of germ transmission from a toilet bowl is low. Problems are more likely to arise from areas that staff and pupils touch with unwashed hands, including waste bins, toilet handles and cubicle doors. It is essential to disinfect these hotspots to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Water fountains and coolers

Providing your pupils with a plentiful source of water not only keeps them hydrated but has been shown to improve levels of concentration. However, beware of shared water fountains and coolers. These must be cleaned regularly to minimise the risk of contamination by germs.

Fruit tuck shops

Make sure fruit is washed thoroughly and all utensils used for preparation are clean.

It is also a good idea to encourage all children to wash their hands before selling or buying fruit from the tuck shop.

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