Why Deep Cleaning Your Office Matters

If you’ve ever moved your desk to look underneath and wish you’d left well alone, then you’ll understand why a deep clean is an essential part of office maintenance.

But just what makes it different to the routine, daily clean that should already be in place?

Deep clean v regular clean

It is important to keep up a programme of daily or weekly cleaning of your working environment. This includes wiping surfaces, hoovering carpets and making sure your business enjoys a high standard of cleanliness.

After all, a tidy and ordered office ensures a happy, healthy and motivated workforce.

Still in every office, there can be hard-to-reach places that will require a deep clean, to address the areas where grime can accumulate over the course of a few weeks and months.

Think about the places that your cleaner won’t be able to get to over the course of a normal working week without causing some disruption to you – underneath desks, behind cupboards and around certain computer equipment.

That’s why we recommend an office deep clean every six months to a year, at a time to suit you. It will complement the routine you already have in place but you can rest assured that every inch of your office will be treated thoroughly and to the quality benchmark you expect, whether it is visible or hidden.

Benefits of a deep clean

Just because an area of your office isn’t on show, doesn’t mean it can be forgotten about. A deep clean will tackle places that collect dirt over a period of time, ensuring a more hygienic environment. Other benefits include:

  • Thorough carpet cleaning – we can move furniture to make sure that every part of your floor is stain-free and rid of germs.
  • Removal of mildew and mould – moisture can collect in areas that would otherwise be covered up.
  • Sanitising keyboards, headsets and other computer hardware can help prolong the life of your office equipment.

We offer one-off cleaning and regular cleaning contracts across Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol so to discuss your exact office requirements, give our team a call on 02920487538.

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