Does a Clean School Make Pupils Behave Better?

Cleaning an entire school is certainly not a simple task, however it is a very important one if pupils are expected to behave well and work hard.

Pupils are required to spend most of their day within the school environment and so whether or not it is well maintained and cared for will undoubtedly have a subconscious effect on their behaviour.

More stable schooling promotes better behaviour

It is known that pupils who experience higher levels of stability in school will usually behave in a more positive way and achieve more. A clean school means less germs and a pleasant working environment for the teaching staff and so there will be less teacher absenteeism. With teachers taking less time off work the pupils automatically get a more stable school experience which should lead to their behaviour being better.

Healthy pupils stay focused

It is not just teaching staff that take more time off school when the environment is dirty. Pupils will also experience higher levels of sickness which will have an impact not just on their education but also their attitude towards school and their behaviour. Pupils who miss large amounts of school will often behave badly due to feeling frustrated and unable to complete the work that is expected. Therefore if the school is not cleaned effectively, larger numbers of pupils will miss more days of their education and their behaviour will be affected.

Pupils have more respect for their environment

Any person who enters a clean, tidy environment has a greater level of respect for their surroundings and this is the same for pupils at school. When a school is cleaned effectively and maintained to a high standard pupils are more likely to want to keep it that way. This has an impact on the behaviour that is exhibited because pupils are less likely to drop litter, graffiti and cause damage to property. It is known that poor behaviour can be infectious amongst young people and so if this type of bad behaviour is no longer engaged in then it should lead to better behaviour within class and better results achieved.

Pupils feel valued

Pupils who feel valued and respected are more likely to act in a manner which is deserving of that respect. Therefore if pupils are provided with an environment that is clean and tidy this says to them that the staff value and respect them. In turn the pupils respond with behaviour that is positive and equally as respectful to the environment they are in and the people around them.

Pupils behaviour can certainly be greatly affected by their surroundings. If they feel their school environment is clean and well maintained then their behaviour is more likely to be positive and respectful. This leads not only to better behaviour but also to pupils who are more focused on their studies and have a healthier attitude towards school life.

Putting the money and effort into ensuring a school is clean will be rewarded with a better standard of behaviour from the pupils and so it is in everyone’s best interests to get the experts in.

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