Why should large companies use Albany Cleaning Solutions?

Albany Cleaning solutions 02Although keeping your office clean is essential, engaging employees for the task may not be a wise option. When staff members have the additional responsibility of cleaning the workplace, their productivity suffers while absenteeism and attrition rates increase.

Many large companies in Cardiff entrust their office cleaning needs to Albany Cleaning Solutions. Hiring a professional cleaning company in Cardiff allows you to keep your premises clean without burdening your employees.




Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with our cleaning services:

A professional cleaning team

We depute highly professional cleaners to your office. Our cleaners have been well-trained to make them competent for thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny of large office spaces. Our professionals have been effectively trained in the latest cleaning techniques and handling state-of-the-art equipment.

Large team of cleaners

Albany Cleaning Solutions is an established cleaning company in Cardiff employing 200 cleaning professionals. We assign our technicians to maintain more than 150 client locations across South West and South Wales. We assure you of the highest standards of cleaning.

Focus on your core functions

You hired employees to carry out day-to-day business activities. When you engage employees to clean their workspaces, they may feel demotivated and discouraged. Some may even leave your company for good.

Outsourcing office cleaning to Albany Cleaning will allow your employees to focus on their core strength areas and also keep the space organised.  

Save time and resources

As an experienced cleaning company in Cardiff, Albany Cleaning can help improve your bottom line. When you hire our cleaners to maintain your premises, your employees get more time to complete their tasks. Moreover, you’ll make savings as you’ll be spared from investing in expensive cleaning equipment and training personnel for cleaning.

Competitive rates

Albany Cleaning has extensive experience in providing commercial cleaning services. We are able to source cleaning products and equipment from distributors at very modest rates. On the other hand, we have been able to achieve economies of scale by serving a large number of clients in South Wales.

Therefore, we are in a position to offer you the best cleaning rates in the industry.

Trust the experts

At Albany Cleaning Solutions, we take pride in providing professional cleaning services to a variety of large companies in the South West and South Wales. With our personalised approach and a customised service, you are assured of stellar results.

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