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about albany cleaning solutions cardiffA clean workplace has a positive impact on the health and morale of your employees. Happy, productive employees can ultimately help grow your revenues, profitability and bottom line.

As an employer or office manager, you may not have the time or resources to oversee office maintenance. You’d be better off outsourcing office cleaning task to a reliable commercial cleaning company in Bristol.

At Albany Cleaning, we offer a complete provide a thorough daily clean to ensure your premises are neat and tidy day in and day out.

Here’s a look at all the cleaning tasks we carry out as part of our daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule.



Reception, office cubicles and conference room

  • Vacuuming wooden and hardwood floors and carpeted areas.
  • Replacing wash bins and bin liners, and emptying out trash bins wherever needed.
  • Transferring the garbage to a waste collection point.
  • Wiping doorknobs and doorframes, electrical switchboards, light switches, and lighting to remove fingerprints and bacterial build-up.
  • Dusting and mopping chairs, tables, filing cabinets and drawers, computer monitors, and desks with disinfectant.
  • Wiping up hard floors with a broomstick dipped in antiseptic solution.
  • Cleansing all glass surfaces including door and window panes, tables, etc.
  • Disinfecting equipment used regularly including but not limited to computer keyboards, fixed wireless phones, laptop and printers.
  • Making sure every office section is organised and maintained routinely.
  • Swabbing hallways, entryways, and aisles using a clean and damp cloth.
  • Mopping up and polishing water purifier and water cooler.

Restroom and kitchen

  • Wiping up and cleansing floors of restroom using a steriliser.
  • Wiping clean smudges and smears from the areas in the vicinity of washbasins and sinks.
  • Dusting glass panels and partitions, mirrors, and frames of mirrors.
  • Polishing and sterilising all washbasins, washbowls, and sinks.
  • Maintaining stocks of hand sanitizer, tissue, and towels.
  • Cleaning and buffing up mirrors.
  • Taking out garbage receptacles, and sanitary napkin bins, and then mopping the areas using a bleaching solution.
  • Cleansing both sides of toilet seats with a decontaminator.
  • Cleaning urinals and toilets, disinfecting, and finally wiping dry.
  • Restoring the sparkle back to all chromium plated fittings.


  • Vacuuming and mopping up floors.
  • Wipe cleaning the outside of all appliances.
  • Restocking hand wash, detergents, and kitchen towels.
  • Cleansing the kitchen draining board, sink, and countertop, and then allowing the areas to dry.


  • Mopping clean all mirrors.
  • Stocking up toilet rolls.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting exterior and interior of commode, commode seat, and cistern.
  • Rinsing and sanitising the floors.

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