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albany solutions office cleaning cardiffCarpets are a fantastic floor cover in the office but they need regular care and maintenance to ensure they last for years. The accumulation of dirt and grime, stains, and smudges could make your carpet look unsightly. However, the very thought of moving furniture around to clean the carpets can convince you to procrastinate the task.

That’s where Albany Cleaning can help. Simply contact our commercial carpet cleaning company in Newport to take care of your carpet cleaning worries.

In this post, we take a look at the process we follow to restore your carpet to its former glory.


Our cleaners set the stage by notifying the clients to keep the work area completely clear. We advise well in advance not to allow children and pets in the workspace. Our experienced cleaners also determine the type of furniture and fittings that need to be moved.

Getting rid of dry dirt

Our commercial carpet cleaners in Newport start by using a powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid of dry dirt and grime from the carpet surface. Vacuuming also facilitates easy removal of embedded debris.

Giving a thorough scrub

Thereafter, the cleaners use handheld brushes or motorized rotary machine (depending on the type and size of carpet) for a thorough scrubbing. Brushing or scrubbing the carpet scrupulously prepares it for receiving the pre-spray.

Pre-spraying the carpet with an alkaline and woolsafe cleaning product helps slacken-off deep-rooted oil stains and smudges, thereby facilitating their effective elimination.


Once the carpet receives a comprehensive scrubbing, we scatter a pre-spray on the carpet. We use an acidic (ph of 1-6) cleaning agent for polypropylene or nylon carpets.

On the other hand, we employ pre-spray with a mild alkalinity for carpets made up of woollen fibres. Squirting the pre-spray allows the chemicals in the solution to settle deeply for dissolving the entrenched grime.

We allow the pre-spray to sit for some time. The size of the carpet and the amount or level of debris determines the duration. Sometimes, our cleaners let the pre-spray work overnight and return the next day to complete the cleaning.

Hot water extraction

We employ a hot-water extractor to efficiently remove deep-seated dirt and oil stains.
The hot water extraction process involves spraying a solution of hot water and detergent at high pressure for completely dissolving and extricating ingrained grime.  

Wrapping up

Finally, we use a carpet groomer to brush the fibres, which speeds up the drying process. We recommend our clients to use pedestal fans to further accelerate the ventilation process.

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