Reasons why gym owners will benefit from our cleaning contracts

Albany Cleaning solutions 01As a gym owner, you know it’s not just about adding members. It is more about keeping the numbers you have. And what makes your customers stay loyal to you? It is definitely about the service you provide, the equipment you have and the trainers that make up the list. And one more important aspect that gives high customer satisfaction is the cleanliness in your gym.
Albany Cleaning is an experienced cleaning company in Cardiff with over 16 years of experience in providing all types of cleaning and janitorial services. Our cleaning contracts are all about providing you with the best cleaning services at the most affordable prices.

Here is how you will benefit from our cleaning contracts.

Visitors do take notice

When new members visit your facility for the first time, their first impressions are all about how clean and welcoming the place is. Strewn paper towels, messy stalls, unclean toilets and washrooms will project a shoddy image and show that your gym does not take enough care for its members’ hygiene.

On the other hand, if visitors find the gym to be a clean and fresh-smelling facility with everything in its place, they are more likely to join right away.

Your staff may not be enough

Unsanitary conditions can be reason enough to lose your members.

Your in-house staff may clean up the premises but you cannot deny the fact that calling the professionals for your gym cleaning is the right thing to do.

Professional cleaning

Calling our team to do the cleaning job can take the pressure off your staff. Moreover, you can make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly using the best cleaning agents and equipment.

Our cleaning professionals are also better trained to handle all types of cleaning including janitorial services, equipment cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning. More importantly, you can schedule the cleaning services during off-peak hours to ensure minimal disruption to your members.

Experienced cleaning company in Cardiff

Albany Cleaning is a trusted cleaning company in Cardiff with expertise and experience in handling all types of cleaning for gyms.

Our team of cleaning professionals has extensive training and knowledge and are equipped to take care of your most important cleaning needs.

We follow strict cleaning protocols, use high quality cleaning products and safe cleaning procedures to give a safe and clean work environment for you and your clients. So, when you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Cardiff, look no further than Albany Cleaning! Give us a call today for a free quote.

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