What Type of Cleaning Service Do You Need?

There are three types of cleaning services that you can choose from, each with pros and cons and arguably each will suit different organisations. Here we overview each:

Freelance cleaner

A freelance cleaner is one which works on their own, or possibly a couple of people working together, but have not set up a formal business. They will still be required to declare their earnings and pay tax, but their service will be a small one in respect to the number of people and support involved.

Due to being a small service and not having the overheads of a company it will often be the case that freelance cleaners will be able to offer a cheaper service and you will usually deal directly with the person who is carrying out the cleaning and cut out the ‘middle man’. This is a good option if your premises are small and don’t require specialist cleaning services.

However, you get what you pay for and if your cleaner is off sick or on holiday, they will usually not have cover so your premises will go un-cleaned!

Cleaning Agency

A cleaning agency is an organisation that will arrange your cleaning for you but will not actually carry out the cleaning services themselves. This gives you the benefit of having a person who oversees your requirements and should get to know your business and what you need. If there is an issue than you take it to the agency who should rectify it quickly. A further benefit is that you can change who does your cleaning if you are not satisfied without having to start again. The agency should be able to contract different cleaners to complete your requirements and so you simply carry on and let them sort the situation.

A major plus with an agency is that they should be able to meet any requirements you have and keep up with your company as it may change and evolve, as they will contract out the

This can be a more expensive way of doing things because the agency as well as the cleaners need to make a profit.

Professional Cleaning Company

A cleaning company is quite self explanatory. The company that you hire will employ the cleaners who carry out the services and so they will usually not be contracting out the actual cleaning, although they may do if you have specific, unique requirements.

Cleaning companies will often be cheaper than agencies as they will not need to make enough profit for themselves and the cleaning organisation providing the cleaning service, they will simply need to pay their employees. You should also be able to have a contact person who will understand the needs of your business and deliver your requirements without the need for a ‘middle man’. This can make the process much more smooth because there are fewer people passing on information about your requirements.

A cleaning company may also specialise in the type of cleaning you require – such as Albany Cleaning specialising in Office and Commercial Cleaning and so if you do your research and hire the right company then you could get a much better, more tailored service. They should also be able to offer a standardised service that means all of your premises will receive the same quality of service.

A decent and well established cleaning company will have an excellent customer service team who will work with you to ensure that your requirements are met and you are satisfied with every aspect of your service.

Hopefully you have found this article useful? If you are a business based in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea or Bristol and would like a competitive quotation for office cleaning, then please get in touch.

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