Five signs it’s time to hire a cleaning service to clean your office

News image 0 2The significance of a clean and tidy workplace cannot be emphasised enough. A neat and clean office not only boosts your employees’ morale but also has an impact on your sales.

So, does that mean your workplace will remain dirty? Not really. Albany Cleaning provides reliable commercial cleaning services to help keep your premises clean at all times.      

Here are some signs that indicate its time to hire a contract cleaning company in Newport to clean your office.

Employees falling sick

A regular cleaning schedule not only helps keep your office fresh and clean but it also helps keep the environment healthy. Microbes, including viruses and bacteria, will accumulate on the surfaces of tables, chairs, worktops, and desktops, not to mention the pantry and the bathroom.

You surely don’t want your staff reporting sick or taking paid leaves owing to flu, stomach cramps, and hay fever. You can entrust your workplace cleaning task to Albany Cleaning. Our professional office cleaners will remove all trace of bacteria to keep your premises truly clean.

High employee turnover

Your business could experience high employee turnover if the office space tends to remain messy. The productivity of the employees will receive a setback as they’ll not be able to focus on their work.

An unclean and unkempt office has a demoralising effect on the staff and also leaves a bad impression on the customers.   

Staff doing the cleaning

Nobody wants to work in an organisation that is dirty, uncluttered, and has an unhygienic environment.

If your office is littered with food crumbs, crumpled papers, and trash, the employees will waste precious time cleaning up the mess. They may have to stay late in order to clean the workspace so that they can walk into a clean office the day after.

This’ll leave them with less time to complete their daily tasks or socialise with near and dear ones. Isn’t that another good reason for you to engage a contract cleaning service in Newport?

Customers arriving and leaving

Whatever be the nature and size of your business, you’ll always have customers and prospects dropping in regularly. Clients and visitors walking into an unclean and unsanitary reception is surely the last thing you’d want.

Although your customers would be more concerned with your firm’s services or products, how your office looks will surely have some impression on them.   

You’re moving to a new address

You could be looking for a more spacious office if your business is flourishing. A new and larger office means you’ll need to employ a greater number of professionals and attend to more customers. All the more reason to maintain a spotless workplace.

Delegate your workplace cleaning task to Albany Cleaning

We’re an experienced and trusted contract cleaning company in Newport. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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