Where did the term spring clean come from?

News image 0 1Come spring and the urge to start cleaning your home and office is all prevalent. What is it with cleaning that seems to be the most important thing to do as soon as the first spring bird starts twittering?

Well, spring cleaning has been a norm for ages with a lot of cultural and religious significance too. Albany Cleaning is a professional cleaning company in Cardiff with years of experience in cleaning services. We can help you with your spring cleaning efforts so you don’t have to.

Here are some reasons why spring cleaning assumed importance down the ages.

Cleaning Happens in Warm Weather

For centuries, cold winters and draughts made it nearly impossible for anyone to clean up in and around their homes. To top that, the cold weather required the use of oil, most likely whale oil and kerosene that resulted in the accumulation of grime and soot.

Since wood and coal were also used continuously in the cold weather, they also contributed to more soot and dirt. So, cleaning was next to impossible during the winters.

As soon as the weather turned warm, heating up of homes was also discontinued. Now it was considered the right time to take up the task of thoroughly cleaning up the homes to get rid of all the dirt, grime and soot.

The arrival of spring, therefore, meant throwing open windows and doors, dusting and shaking out rugs, beddings, mattresses, curtains and anything else that had dust build-up. Everyone indulged in the cleaning tasks such as scrubbing of floors, walls, kitchen countertops and cleaning furniture with great gusto.

Also, one does feel less energetic during the winters than in summers. So, cleaning the house is preferred during the warmer months.

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Religious and Cultural Origins

The Jewish custom of spring cleaning is associated with the religious belief of cleaning up homes to get rid of leavened bread or yeast bread before the Passover holiday.

The Persian New Year that coincides with the first day of spring also marks a 13-day celebration which traditionally involved cleaning or ‘shaking the house’, buying new clothes and get-togethers with family and friends.

Catholics follow the Christian custom of cleaning the Church altar the day before Good Friday that also falls normally in March or April.

Many other cultures around the world also associate the onset of spring with cleaning.

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