The importance of having a ‘clean’ business

Albany Cleaning solutions 03According to the Health and Safety Executive, it is mandatory for businesses to maintain a clean workplace.

Businesses must maintain clean working premises including clean toilets, floors, stairs, walls, ceilings and furniture. Dirt, junk and waste must be cleaned up regularly. Practical measures must be in place for handling emergencies such as spillages, which can make work areas dirty and prone to diseases.

Apart from the government directive, having a “clean” and well-maintained workplace is important to your business for the following reasons.



Creates a solid first impression

Imagine your clients entering a reception area with smudges on the walls, cobwebs on the ceilings, and dirt and dust on the furniture!

An unkempt workplace reflects a lack of regard for hygiene and poor business standards. This negative impression can cost you precious business partnerships and hinder your business growth.

A clean workplace reflects excellent professional standards and communicates qualities such as efficiency and empathy, which evoke a positive response from clients, customers and prospective employees.

Builds brand ambassadors

As important as first impressions are, it is equally important to maintain the image of your brand in the long run. A tidy workplace facilitates positive customer experience.

A clean office speaks of your high standards, which will create the right impression on your customers. This impression is likely to translate into trust towards your brand and offerings.

With a cleaner workplace, you increase the chances of prospects becoming customers and existing customers becoming strong brand ambassadors.

Enhances productivity

A well-maintained workplace that is safe, hygienic and comfortable, communicates your respect for your employees.

When your employees believe that you have their well-being in mind, they are more likely to invest more time and effort in growing your business and brand.

Also, there is no greater marketing force than a happy and satisfied workforce.

Invest in a reliable cleaning service

Hiring a professional cleaning service saves you time, resources and stress. Professional cleaners are well-trained for the job, which means you’ll get a perfect job done each time every time.

Trust the experts

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