Reasons why it’s important to keep communal areas clean and tidy

Albany Cleaning solutions 01Communal areas in an office include shared spaces such as the reception, entryways, lifts, stairs and banisters, garbage area, kitchens and toilets, and floors.

Is keeping your communal areas clean important?

Definitely yes! Keeping your communal areas clean is important for maintaining a hygienic workplace and a stellar business image.





If you are a business in Cardiff looking for reliable commercial communal cleaning services, look no further than Albany Cleaning Solutions.

With over 16 years of experience in commercial cleaning, businesses across Cardiff rely on us for all their commercial cleaning needs. Here are more reasons to make communal area cleaning a part of your office maintenance strategy.

Make an excellent first impression

Communal areas are the primary points of contact for your clients, visitors, guests and employees. Keeping these areas clean is important to create a positive impression regarding your business.

A clean reception area is always welcoming as would be other communal areas with our cleaning services. We know what it takes to make the right impression!

Create a safe workplace

Untidy communal areas pose a range of health risks, from slip-and-fall accidents to gastroenteritis. So, it is very important to clean these areas regularly. While cleaning on your own using existing resources is an option, it rarely is effective.

Professional cleaners are trained for the job and hence are best at it. At Albany Cleaning Solutions, for example, our staff is regularly trained in the latest cleaning methods. This means we get the job done right the first time itself.

Maintain health and hygiene

Communal areas need regular cleaning because they are used by a great number of people all day. As a result, they collect dust, dirt and junk regularly. The amount of junk build-up is huge in areas that see heavy foot traffic. Cleaning can be a nightmare in case of large buildings with generous communal areas.

Cleaning should be as regular as the frequency of dust and junk build-up in the communal areas. A daily clean-up may not be uncommon for areas that collect junk rapidly due to extremely heavy traffic. You could choose a weekly, monthly or a bi-monthly cleaning schedule depending on the foot traffic and junk build-up frequency.

At Albany Cleaning Solutions, we create bespoke cleaning schedules. We employ a GPS-based monitoring system to manage staff hours. We ensure the highest standards of cleanliness through various methods including quality audits by area supervisors.

We are a commercial cleaning company in Cardiff with an excellent client retention rate. Partnering with us will give you complete peace of mind.

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