How to choose the right cleaning contractor for you and your business?

albany solutions office cleaning cardiffHiring a cleaning contractor is more beneficial than managing an in-house cleaning team. In addition to getting the best quality of work, you’ll be free from management-intensive tasks such as hiring, payroll, procurement and maintenance of cleaning supplies, and insurance management.

You’ll save more time and resources when you hire a cleaning company in Swansea, which means you can dedicate your assets to other key aspects of your business.

With some careful research, you can discover a commercial cleaning contractor that best suits your needs. Here’s what you can do to find a reliable company.




Experience and references

Shortlist companies based on their experience in delivering cleaning services that you need for your commercial centre. Look for the following information in particular:

  • Years in business – Give preference to local companies that have been established in your locality for many years.
  • Number of accounts – Find out the number of clients on the company’s client list. Check how consistently the clients have hired the company for its services. These factors should indicate the company’s quality of work and its reputation.
  • Client referrals and feedback – Ask the contractor for feedback from previous and existing clients. Call up the clients directly and talk to them about their experience with the cleaning company.

Ask about the company’s hiring and training policy

A proper hiring policy should include background checks on prospective employees. The company should also give sufficient training to the staff on cleaning methods, maintaining professional standards and ensuring the safety of self and that of the client’s while on the job.

Enquire about cleaning supplies

Ask whether the company would offer cleaning supplies as part of the contract. If you have specific requirements such as the use of eco-friendly supplies only, then communicate these requirements to the contractor. Choose a company that is willing to put your needs first.

At Albany Cleaning Solutions, the cost of your cleaning supplies is covered in the contract. We stock only the best products and maintain an accurate record of the inventory. Albany Cleaning Solutions is the name to trust for reliability and affordability in cleaning services.

We are a cleaning company in Swansea with over 16 years of experience in the industry. We are currently in partnership with over 150 clients. There are 200 cleaners on our payroll working across the South West and South Wales.

Our cleaning company in Swansea offers a range of specialised services for a variety of facilities including offices, retail outlets, schools, clinical and healthcare centres, car showrooms, communal areas. We also specialise in window and carpet cleaning.

Call us on 02920 487538 for a quote.

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