Is Eco-Cleaning Really Better?

There is a current trend for using ‘environmentally friendly’ products, companies and anything else that the label can be tagged on to, but is this just a fad or should we all be switching our office cleaning services over to the ‘eco cleaning’ way?

There are many benefits to using eco-friendly products and some companies have jumped on this as the best way to promote their services. Eco-friendly products are less harmful to the environment and should also be less harmful to the people who come into contact with them. Natural products are also thought to be as effective as chemical cleaning products.

There are however, some potential pitfalls with ‘eco-friendly’ cleaning. Whilst there is a large amount of strict regulation over ‘regular’ cleaning products there is much less regulation over eco products. This means that not all products are exactly what they appear to be. Many natural or supposed eco-friendly products may not be entirely natural as their name suggests. Without the same levels of regulation this can mean that people hiring eco-friendly companies are not getting the service they believe they are paying for.

A further issue with eco-friendly products is that they are unlikely to have been tested as rigorously as their chemical counterparts and so their effectiveness is not as well established. It is well documented that chemical cleaners kill bacteria and offer a very effective and thorough clean of any area or surface required. Whilst eco-friendly products may clean as effectively it is much less documented and some tests that show they are as effective have also shown that it does take a bit more effort to obtain the same results.

A combination of the extra effort and the fact that eco-friendly products are usually more expensive can lead to a higher fee per month for your cleaning services.

The media has made the use of chemicals sound harmful and dangerous and so when we refer to chemicals we automatically think about toxins and the harm they can do to people. However, the regulations surrounding the cleaning industry mean that any potentially dangerous products are not allowed to be used. This means that as long as you hire a cleaning company that complies with all the regulations of the industry then you will not be exposing your staff, clients or customers to any harmful substances.

In short, industry standards regulate what cleaning companies can and cannot use so you can be assured your cleaning chemicals are safe. It can also be the case that you pay more and might not be getting what you think you are when you hire an eco-friendly company and so if you choose to go down the eco route then it is even more important to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

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